Painless Root Canal Treatment in Chandigarh

 Painless Root Canal treatment in Chandigarh

Due to the advancement of technologies and equipment, Root Canal Treatment is not a matter of concern anymore. These treatments have undergone various alterations in terms of filling tools and techniques. The modern instruments like Apex locators, Lasers, Root Canal Sealers, Endomotors etc. have made Endodontic treatment painless and effective. Smile Art clinic make use of these materials of filling and sealing the root canal in order to remove infection in single sitting only. We provide latest methods of Painless Root Canal Treatment in Chandigarh which result in saving of your valuable time and hard earned money.

Root canal treatment is suggested in case of tooth decay, tooth cracks, inflammation or dental trauma. Traditionally, root canal treatments took place in multiple sittings. But at present, multiple appointment schedule is required only if the dental case is complex and cannot be treated completely in single sitting. The complexity of infected state will decide the number of sittings for this Online Blackjack øker i popularitet treatment. The pulp (innermost part of the tooth) or nerves that are infected and lies within the tooth root, are removed in RCT process. These infected pulp tissues and nerves are the reasons of pain and swelling.

RCT involves the procedure in which the lost structure of tooth is built up by core filling. Initially, our Endodontist takes X-rays of the infected tooth and examine it thoroughly. Then he freezes the surroundings of infected tooth. He makes a small opening in the top of the tooth so that he can get access to the nerve for the removal of infected pulp. Afterwards, the process of root canal filling begins. Finally the root canal is sealed with a plastic material for the prevention of any future infection. We carry out this complete process in a modernistic way. The specialists of SmileArt clinic have the ability of adding comfort and convenience to your treatment experience.