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Smile Art Dental Clinic
& Implantology Center
Dr. Achint Khullar
House No 22 Sector 15 A

Welcome to Smile Art Dental Clinic and Implantology Centre in Chandigarh

 “You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile.”
SMILE ART is the best Dentist in Chandigarh and have endeavours to bring your healthy and happy smile on your face. We are the expert of artistic dentistry. Smile Art is a service provider of perfect and unsurpassed dental services. Our lab and clinic are exceedingly occupied with all modern facilities of dentistry. We have furnished our clinic with all equipments and tools to perform each dental surgery with impeccability and precision. We are the team of expert orthodontics, prosthodontics and dentofacial. We believe in handling each client to their optimum satisfaction and saturation. We hold their spirits high while surgery. We believe that oral health is necessary for a healthy life. Therefore, smile art has brought the best dental service in the Chandigarh. We want you to smile always. We proffer you various dental services with regards to your issues. We highly aim to resolve all the problems and leave a charming and beautiful smile on your face. We would love to hear from you. feel free to contact us and consult.

Braces in Chandigarh

About us

Dentist in Chandigarh

Dr. Achint Khullar

MDS Prosthodontics, Diplomat, International congress of implantology Post graduate from BDCH, Davangere, Asia’s 2nd ranked college Gold medalist. A doctor filled with exuberance and passion for dentistry, with expertise in – a) Cosmetic engineering of smile b) Complex full mouth rehabilitation using bridges and implants c) Geriatric dentistry- for our respected senior citizens, denture and tooth replacements with   a difference d) Maxillofacial prosthetics i.e. replacement of missing eyes, nose, ears etc.

Denatl Implant in Chandigarh

Dr. Sumedha Khullar

MDS Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, Gold medalist Post graduate from SDMCDS, Dharwad, 2nd ranked college in India A charismatic personality with a penchant for orthodontics and expertise in a) alignment of teeth b) Closure of spaces between teeth c) Use of tooth colored brackets and invisible orthodontics using lingual appliances d) Orthodontic treatment of cleft lip and palate e)Habit breaking appliances f) Correction of facial deformities.

Dentist Services

Prosthodontic Solutions

We use this procedure to restore the normal and esthetic functions of your teeth and fetch you the comfort and with artificial substitutes. We replace and restore badly damaged teeth and in complex cases where some incisors are missing, we use advanced techniques for replacement. We prepare synthetic crowns and bridges to reshape your deformed teeth. These bridges and crowns are made of optimum quality products and with perfect measurement to fit in with yiur natural teeth. Full mouth rehabilitation is rendered to the clients with damaged upper or lower jaw or both. We replace and restore your damaged teeth due to some trauma or excess use of acidic food and beverages. We have all the methods and tools to render you the perfect dentistry for real enjoyment.

Orthodontic Solutions (Braces)

don’t feel shy of your naturally deformed and imbalanced structure of teeth. The modern dentistry has all the solutions for this. We are the best braces solution in chandigarh at our clinic reshape and redesign your smile with state of art dental services. Orthodontics surgeries are undertaken by our gold medalist doctor. In this solution, we use braces of various kinds for long term and short term uses to reshape the deformed teeth. Metal braces, ceramic and lingual braces are used and for advanced treatment we use clear alignment and clcp techniques in order to provide you the desired results.

Dental Implants solutions

The modern life style has caused a lot of harm to us. The food and beverages, increasing age leads to damaged and decayed tooth. Sometimes the tooth get partially damaged and sometimes completely. Thus,We are giving Dental Implants in Chandigarh keeping in view all your problems , we have bring the dental implant services. It is a magical and convenient way to get rid of decayed teeth. We replace your damaged teeth with a new set of teeth its called dental implant. In this method, we use artificial tooth to be replaced with the decayed ones. These synthetic teeth will be perfectly measured to give you the feel of real one.

Endodontic Solutions

In this technique, we target the infected or diseased teeth or set of teeth from infected cabal system. We remove the inflamed or swollen pulp with universally accepted dentistry methods. We use modern endotonic technology in favourable ambiance. We try to complete the process in a single visit but if you have to come twice, we make sure your convenience and comfort. The recent advancement in dental health and studies have focused the long term prognosis of one and multiple root canal therapy to treat the vital pupl, necrotic pulp and aplical prodentitis. We ensure you the success of this techniques and this will help you to get rid of all the swollen gums and teeth problems in a perfect biological methods.


As we said earlier, smile is necessary for you and a beautiful smile can bring you inner joy and peace. Thus, we have intirduced cometic dental surgeries in which we create beautiful smile. This technique is helpful to redesign and rehabilitate the naturally deformed structures. we have veener service also. In this technique, we cover your teeth with a thin layer of medicated solution. Porcelain veneers are an excellent solution for correcting spaces between teeth, imperfect in tooth positions, poor color, poor shape or contours, as well as some minor occlusal (bite) related problems. Porcelain veneers improves worn teeth by bruxism (grinding of one’s teeth through habit patterns) or fractured teeth. This is a safe and secure medium of allowing yourself to win the million hearts with a perfect smile. We create and craft beautiful smiles.

General Solutions

A general dental health is as important for you as physical health. Thus, we have some general dental solutions to resolve your problems related to day to day dental issues. kids feel afraid of loose teeth, so we have service of extracting loose or decayed teeth with gentle love and care. Flap dental service is a solution of prodentic pockets. POCKETS is the final result of inflammation and infection that leads to gum dieseses. Flouride application technique is used to remove the yellowish substance from your teeth and leave behind brighter and shinier teeth. Sensitivity is a common issue in people of present scenario, we have techniques -Teeth Desenzitization that will help you to enjoy every food and beverage without hesitation and your life will come to a normal track.

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SMILE ART DENTAL CLINIC & IMPLANTOimplantsLOGY CENTER Dr. Achint Khullar House No 22 Sector 15 A Chandigarh-160015 Telephone No :8427753280 Email: Consulting Time:10 am to 6 pm. Saturday (By Appointments) (Closed on Sunday) Map →

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